First Steps Program

Creative Movement

Preschoolers, age 2

Music, movement, visuals, and props are used in Creative Movement to enhance your child’s love for the art of dance. Our unique conceptual approach to dance education provides an additional opportunity for cognitive growth.

Pre-Ballet and Tap

Preschoolers, ages 3-4

Our unique conceptual approach uses movement, visuals, music, and props to introduce beginning ballet and tap. Students gain coordination, creativity, musical awareness, listening, and social skills.

Intro to Ballet and Tap

Ages 5-6

Our unique conceptual approach uses movement, visuals, music, and props to explore the basics of ballet and tap, with an emphasis on physical growth, flexibility, and coordination. The ballet portion of the class focuses on age-appropriate ballet skills and discipline, while the tap portion focuses on elementary tap movements and rhythmic patterns.

Little Bit Hip

Ages 5-6

This high-energy beginning hip hop class introduces age-appropriate jazz-funk and hip hop techniques through center work, progressions, and choreography. 

Leveled Program

Ages 7 & Up


Ballet is often described as the “backbone” of all dance forms. Classes include barre work, center work, and progressions. Students not only increase their level of technique, but they also gain strength, poise, discipline, flexibility, and control.


This class consists of percussive footwork, rhythmic exercise, and general music training. Students focus on basic rhythms in the beginning levels and progress to performing intricate and fast-paced combinations.


Various styles of jazz technique, driven by popular music and culture, are taught through center work and progressions including a variety of jumps and turns.

Hip Hop

This popular, energetic class explores various styles of street/urban dance taught through center work, progressions, and choreography.


This combination of ballet and jazz teaches technique that uses the lyrics and emotional content of a song to create a story or express a mood. Students must also be enrolled in ballet.


Contemporary focuses on expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines. Students learn efficient pathways up and down off the floor and work on improvisation and movement generation. Students must also be enrolled in ballet.


Pre-Pointe is offered to ballet students who are not yet on pointe for further development and strengthening of the muscles necessary for going en pointe. This class allows our instructors to assess readiness and offer feedback and proper evaluation of the skills necessary to advance to pointe class. Students must also be enrolled in ballet. This class does not participate in the annual recital.


Classical pointe work for the advanced and serious ballet student. Students must have several years of ballet training prior to enrolling. We suggest that pointe students take two ballet classes per week. All pointe students are required to have an evaluation prior to enrolling in Pointe 1. Enrollment is at teacher discretion. Students must also be enrolled in ballet.

Musical Theatre

This class brings together all aspects of musical theatre performance. Students act, sing, and dance; learn to incorporate props; recreate and reimagine scenes from musicals, and practice their audition skills. No prior singing/acting experience is required.

Advanced Studies/Understudy

A two-year program for juniors and seniors in high school. Students will participate in note-taking, class assisting, class observations, and written and oral exams. Enrollment is at teacher discretion. Students must also be enrolled in ballet. Fee: $100/dance season


Adult Program

Adult Tap & Jazz

This class is geared towards adults of ALL levels who want to be introduced to or brush up on their dance skills! Students learn basic tap techniques by focusing on movement across the floor and then transitioning those movements into a center combination at a comfortable and controlled pace.

"When we were leaving the recital Saturday night, we were walking beside what had to be a girl in CDA’s youngest age group. She was just beaming and yelled out as loud as she could, “Best day ever!” It was absolutely precious and the perfect ending to recital week. "


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